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Virtual Alliance (M) Sdn Bhd Terms & Condition

I, as a prospective affiliate agent, have AGREED to comply with all terms and conditions of the affiliate program on this website.

1. I understand that if I violate any of the terms and conditions of this affiliate program, my account may be suspended or canceled by the management without any notification.

2. I promise to do promotions ethically and will never engage in SPAM activities.

3. I promise not to use any promotional material that may damage the business name of this website.

4. I promise not to use the names of organizations, trademarks, copyrights, professionals and any other protected names in my promotional activities.

5. I acknowledge that all the details I registered above are accurate and valid.

6. All commissions are payable on the 20th of every month, once the participant have fully gone thru the onboarding process without any refund.

By submitting these registration details, I will be subject to the terms and conditions set by the management of this website.